Best Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Resorts

Las Vegas has to be the epicenter of entertainment, gambling and fun of the United States of America. Generations of Americans and foreigners alike have enjoyed Sin City in the desert as a place to unwind, get lucky and enjoy all the pleasures of life without judgement or "have-to's" at any point during their stay in the Nevada city of Las Vegas.

Part of Las Vegas' success is its collection of world class Hotel & Resort casinos. On this small but completely independant website I've listed some of my personal favorite Las Vegas Hotels - ready for you to enjoy as much as I did.

If you - just like me - love Las Vegas: do not make a hotel-decision before checking out the place on the internet. Yes, you can check out tripadvisor and other money-making mega-sites, but I'm here just to inform - not to make a quick dollar on the web.

I'm starting slow, but I'll be adding Hotel & Casino Resorts to this site on a regular basis. For now, enjoy our small selection of Las Vegas locations we've visited in the past!